Status 1A

Today is the day!

After a crazy 10 months that has included dobutamine PICC line, 2, yes I said 2 LVAD heart pumps and a stroke in between, the Transplant Coordinator at The Ohio State University Ross Heart Hospital called Tiffany today to she is officially at the top of the heart transplant waiting list. Status 1A.

For the next 30 days they will look at every single heart that becomes available within about 1000 miles of Columbus to see if she is a match. With her Type O positive blood, it can be a bit of a task, as O is the international donor. However, they assured us they would not have listed her if there were a lot of people similar to her at the top. So while there are no guarantees they will find a donor heart in the next 30 days, we are praying that they will.

If they don't, then she will revert back to status 1B. That simply means she is patiently waiting just like everyone else on the list. Our friend Steve was 1B for almost a year when he got the call out of the blue in September. Now, if you didn't know he had a transplant, you would not be able to tell. So if we have to wait a little while for a similar result, then so be it.

But please pray the call comes soon.

Day # 1733. When the call comes, no matter what time of day or night it comes, Tiffany has vowed to open the front door and yell at the top of her lungs "I GOT THE CALL!" I cannot wait for her to wake the neighbors.

It is good to be me.


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