In sync

I had a pretty terrific weekend. It was no surprise, as Tiffany and I usually try to maximize Saturdays and Sundays both when the boys are with us and when we are all by ourselves. The last two days were the latter and we woke up early Saturday to begin the adventure.

We spent Saturday morning visiting numerous yard sales around North East Columbus. We usually have one or two things we are looking for, and got lucky to cross everything off of our list by noon. We returned home, unpacked the car then headed to Utica, Ohio, to a tattoo shop owned by a high school friend of mine. Tiffany wants to get a sleeve tattoo, and we met with my artist friend (also a Tiffiny). They planned was is sure to be an amazing piece of art for my sweetheart's left arm. We had lunch at the Pioneer Restaurant in town (terrific ambiance but the food was not what you may have heard) and then headed to Pataskala for our first cones from Dairy Hut this season. Then it was home to do a little re-arranging and settle in for the night. Day one in the books!

Yesterday we were up early again and made it to the South High flea market. For weeks we have been looking for a bike for Tiffany. She has never ridden one, but has decided now is the time if she can find the exact bike she is looking for. And there it was. A mid 60's Schwinn, blue with a little rust, it reminded me of the bike I rode at my Mamaw's house when I was a kid. We put it in the car and headed for the house. I still had a lot to accomplish and needed to spend the afternoon relaxing in preparation for the road trip last evening.

At 5 I picked up the boys from their mother and brought them home. Waiting for me there was my brother from another mother Ralph. I needed to make a run to Cincinnati to pick up some DJ equipment from my cousin so I could run the music for Ralph's niece's wedding nest weekend. He decided to ride shotgun, figuring 5 hours in the car would be a great opportunity for us to game plan for our very important meeting we have coming this week, and for us to brainstorm new ideas to add to our portfolio. As we set sail down I-71, ideas flowed and before we knew it we had several new concepts written down. We were thinking alike and the creativity was flowing and it was one of those times when it seems like everything is working exactly like its supposed to.

At one point in out discussion we were talking about the Garden of Eden and where it might be located. We were talking about all the progress in the world and how everything is seemingly developed and I said I think the Garden of Eden is probably buried under a skyscraper in Dubai.

A little stunned, he turned to me and said that was the exact thing he was about to say. We had not been talking about Dubai, nor had we discussed skyscrapers or anything of the like. But that thought came to both of us at the same time. We laughed about it and said how cool it was that we both shared the same thought. But with my head in the clouds demeanor, and my need to analyze everything, I see more to it than that.

I don't know why things are happening right now, but who am I to question? As I said in the last post, God has always shown me where I need to be when he decided I needed to be there. From meeting and falling in love with Tiffany to getting the boys full time, everything in the last couple year seems to be perfect timing, even if I was too impatient to understand before they happened. Now here Ralph and I stand, with an opportunity that is given to very few people. And while we have been friends for such a long time, we have always thought that something bigger was going to happen, like we were destined for greater things. And now, with the meeting only a matter of days away, we seem to be at our best, with the creativity flowing and our ideas being truly in sync. Could it turn out to be nothing? Sure. And we are prepared for that. But the feeling in my gut tells me its something.  Its exciting, and as we approach our sit down with this person who could make or break us, my confidence has never been higher that this is for real and about to happen.

Day # 79, bout to blow the doors off, and it is good to be me!


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