What if?

Maybe it's just because it is Tuesday. After all, Monday was long but uneventful. Or maybe it is because I am having a higher than normal stress level kind of week. Between performing inspections in Ohio, running projects in New York City, and babysitting the people that I work with, I am stretched as far as I can be. But today has me feeling a bit different, a bit edgy, a bit frustrated, and ready to change course before I completely go full on Chris Farley at Rock the Vote in Black Sheep on the people around me.

Don't get me wrong. I love the job most days. I love helping people, leading a team, and accomplishing goals. It is a very rewarding career and, being that I need a career to get through life, I could think of a lot worse things to be than a Project Manager at the PuroClean. But still, days like today cause my mind to wander, to wonder what if. And so I ask what if?

In the words of Bare Naked ladies, "What if I wake up suddenly and then, enroll at the local college earn me a degree and I could work weekend. If I work real hard, I can mow your back yard. You get your PhD, oh happy you will be, when you get a job at Wendy's and are honored with employee of the month". Oh wait, been there done that. But still, what if?

Days like today make me think there has got to be something more. I have a great boss, and I am all about making him money and, in return, making money for myself. But some days I want to do so much more. At the end of the day I am still an employee, and he can over ride any decision or plan I have. Even with a great boss, that is still a blow to me on days like today. So I ask what if?

A few years ago I helped to start a local company. After a couple months and a lawsuit by a previous employer, I bowed out and let my two partners have full control. I had a family, and so much to lose that when that quarter of a million dollar damage suit came against our fledgling LLC, I had to make tracks. The suit was settled and they moved on, and are projected to do 4 million in business this year. What if I had stayed on, what if I ran that thing? It was my idea, my business plan, and it is so successful now and will only grow from here. I am so proud of them and what they have accomplished. But it wasn't meant to be. But still I ask what if?

What if I opened my own again? What if I owned the company that was there to help people after a fire or flood or natural disaster. What if the decisions I made affected the growth of a multi-million dollar empire and any slip up could result in the world crashing down. Yeah, I could handle that challenge. I would thrive on it. But do I want to be working as hard at 60 in this industry as I do now. Hmm, I don't think so. Besides, if I were to continue in this line of work it would have to be for my boss, as I could be content retiring from here and he has great vision. But then I am still a follower. So what if?

What if I found something I could do that I could really enjoy myself and earn a check at the same time. I could buy the Cincinnati Reds. Or open a toy train store. Or travel the world and write a blog for every place I have ever been, with millions staring at their smart phones, tablets, or laptops waiting for the next chapter. Great to dream, even if they are unattainable. So what if?

Geesh I sound like an Amway salesman.

There is no answer to the what if. Days like today just make a guy daydream, make a guy try to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. By tomorrow, the fire and passion I have for my job will return and I will be back to being me, knocking curveballs out of the park at every turn. But days like today, or Tuesdays if you will, make me think for just a minute what if?

Heard that Powerball deal is up to $500 million. What if?

Day # 603 and, even though it's Tuesday, it is still good to be me

Have a great day everyone!


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