Zingers, career advice, and gridlock

I have never been a "Twinkie" guy. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like them and all. And they are even better deep fried. Still, they have never been my first choice on the snack rack. As a fat guy with a sweet tooth, my favorite cream cake from Hostess is the Zinger. Any flavor. They are awesome. You should try them. Tonight. Just run out to Speedway or UDF and grab a pack. You can thank me later. The vanilla melts in your mouth, the chocolate is so rich and tasty, and the red ones are the only thing on this planet that I like with coconut. They even went so far as to put out a Boston Cream zinger about 10 years ago, only to retire it within a few months. They never brought them back. I know, I have been looking ever since.

Soon, my beloved zingers (along with dozens of other sweet snacks) will disappear off the store shelves. Well, kind of. There are no shortage of companies out there who make the same things that Hostess did. And though the competition will never do it quite like Dolly Madison (that's a hostess company too) I am sure we will make due. The real story is the 18,000 or so people who no longer have a job, effective today. Many of them have spent their entire working life stuffing cakes with cream for our taste buds to enjoy. Now they find themselves wondering what happens tomorrow? How will they survive and support their families? So remember as you scurry out to get the last box of Chocolate Cupcakes or Suzi Q's off the shelves (I begged Tiffany to go buy out the zingers at the hostess shop up the street but she said no), they will be figuring out how to get other food on their tables.

On to another topic all together. I have been told before that I have a voice for radio (and a face for it too). I have thought about trying stand up, been told I should be a therapist, and have often thought about running my own company. I love what I do, though, and am not looking for a change. However, last night I was told I should be a journalist after a friend read my blog. He is a relatively new reader, as he kind of came along in the deal when I met my sweetheart (he is her cousin).  I have thought about writing a book, but have never followed through. My best friend Ralph had a book published a few years ago and I have always admired that about him. Maybe sometime I will decide to publish something of my own. Maybe I am in the process as we speak. I can see it now "Stories from the least interesting man in the world". It is sure to sell tens of copies. At any rate, I enjoy writing immensely, and I had never been told I should be a journalist before. Thank you, and I appreciate it.

The second day in NYC brought a few new lessons. I learned the difference between a traffic jam (yesterday) and gridlock (today). It was nightmarish on the belt parkway both in and out of Brooklyn. With so many cars and no berm at all, if one person has one problem in one car in Queens, it seems like it shuts down the whole city. It was crazy.

 On the flip side, I also learned that I really am never lost, as I decided around Coney Island it was time to jump off and find a different way around. Of course GPS helps, but I claim most the credit myself. After all, I have been called The Map, Rand McNally, and the human GPS many times. I once drove from Chicago O' Hare to Columbus in an ice and rain storm without a GPS or map after my flight was cancelled and I had to rent a car. Yeah, and I did it in 6 hours. Just sayin.

Probably going to skip the city tomorrow. I have an appointment in Seaside Heights tomorrow and I expect that to last a few hours. And I need to get caught up on some paperwork and desk time. I have the guys booked out in the city through Wednesday and I need to be careful not to get too far ahead of them. So going to maintain a fairly low profile over the weekend.

Hey while you are at Speedway can you pick me up some Zingers too?

Day # 592 and it is still good to be me. Get to sleep in my own bed Wednesday!

Have a great night everyone!


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