Esposito and Johnny

Being on the road usually means a lot of quick meals. Because I like to drive to most of my destinations, I often will stop off the expressway and grab McDonalds or Burger King. Sometimes it is as simple as a bag of chips and a Mountain Dew to hold me over til I get where I am going. But I always try to find a local favorite and try it out once I am orientated to area where I am working. In Nashville it was Monell's. In Chile it was this awesome little Peruvian joint. In Sacramento it was In and Out Burger.  And just like those places, I have tried some local fare here. Let me tell you, it is a good thing I don't live here all the time or I would weigh twice as much as I do now.

I mentioned the other day about G. Esposito and sons in Brooklyn. It is a small pork store, but has quite the reputation in the city. Mr. Esposito is one of my customers, and he brings some of his food to us everyday as we work in his house. I have in my possession 3 tubs of sausage balls, a pound of imported mozzarella cheese, a tub of prosciutto and 3 tubs of his home made pepperoni. I will be taking those things back to Ohio to share with my little Italian sweetheart. But he also gave me a sandwich. THE Sandwich. On an enormous Italian sub bun with herbs and cheeses baked in, it had everything on it. Capicola. Salami. Mortadella. Prosciutto. Provolone, roasted peppers, marinated eggplant, and oil and vinegar. It was an amazing sandwich and I may have to schedule another trip to Brooklyn just to experience it again.

But I won't be going back to NYC anytime soon. After a conference call with the boss this morning, I am heading home tonight. the crew is rolling and has plenty of work ahead of them. If I head out, we can bring in two more hourly people for about the same cost. They are on the road now and I get to see my girl 4 days early. So I am happy to give up my spot.

Before I left, I had to order a Johnny D's pizza. I had heard about this from some of the locals here. I decided to make it my "gameday" food as I watched the buckeyes play. I love steak and am a pizza nut so I had to order a steak cacciatore pizza. It took an hour to get here but was worth the wait. Steak and mushrooms and green peppers, it was terrific and a great New York style pizza.

I loved the people here. They have been so gracious and grateful. They have been the best part of this trip. but the food, it has been a close second.

Day # 593 and it is still good to be me. Day # 594 is gonna be even better:)

Have a great day everyone!


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