Saturday at the office

Another very busy week at work found me at my office this morning, trying to catch up on some paperwork and get organized before the new week begins Monday. Having so many projects going at once means that it is very difficult to find desk time during normal business hours and, when I do, the constant interruptions still prevent me from getting much accomplished. I get more administrative tasks accomplished in a few hours on Saturday morning than I do the rest of the week.

As I sat punching in line items on a large fire estimate this morning, one of my colleagues walked into the office to get a little catch up done himself. A seasoned technician, Patrick is currently a project manager in training and we discussed the transition and everything that comes with it. The other project manager, AJ, and I are both anxious to get him fully up to speed, believing that having a third fully functional pm will take a great deal off of our own plates.

Similar to me, Patrick came from the restaurant industry. Only his food experience was different than mine, as he was a chef and kitchen manager. We have discussed recently the possibility of him catering the wedding, and he bounced a few ideas off of me. He asked of there was to be alcohol at the reception, and I told him there would not be, at Tiffany's request. I explained that it was probably the right move, since liquor and I had a fight a few years ago and we are no longer on speaking terms. Sparing the details, I said that Koniak, Jose and Jack do not play well together, a lesson I learned the hard way. And that a lot of the moments I associate with having a few beers are better left in the past. He agreed and shared his own experiences that led him to a calmer, gentler Pat.  Of course during the conversation, a few memories were invoked and my mind went back to a some moments that, while they happened relatively recently, seem like a lifetime ago. Reading past blog posts will help you understand lol.

A few minutes later my boss popped his head in and told me of an estate sale going on about a mile from the office. He told me that he knew that Tiffany and I were all about those types of deals and thought I might want to run down there. With a grin I told him he knew me well and called Tiff to let her know I would be stopping by before heading home. I hung up, and sat in thought for a minute, then turned to the keyboard.

I know I say it all the time, but I am really a different person now than I was a year and a half ago. Back then, I was all about having beers with friends, finding someone new to spend my time with, and wishing I had more and was more than I did. Now, everyone who sees me everyday knows that I am all about the family, the girl, and enjoying life.

 I never used to think I was good enough for anything. If I was dating someone, I knew she would quickly figure out she was too good for me and run. If I had success at my job, it was just a run of dumb luck. I even  recall in the late 90's, when my ex wife and I bought a new car, feeling like I didn't belong in something that nice like everyone else did. Now, I wake up everyday knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, spending my time with my guys and building a life with that girl. And, like a broken record, I will say it 1000 more times. I am the luckiest guy on the planet, and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Ceaser's Creek for John-Michael's birthday tomorrow! I cannot wait

Day # 509 and it is still good to be me!

Have a great day everyone................


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