Disappointment, and a yard sale

I like helping people, I really do. Taking someone by the hand at ten o' clock at night after their house just burned down and assuring them we can make it all better is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Handing someone a dollar out of the console of the car at a stop light is a no brainer. Giving back a little of the good fortune I have been blessed with is easy when you grew up with the parents I did. The examples the instilled in me are a part of my core values and a major part of what I teach the boys. Its all about Karma. All about paying it forward. So when we were fortunate enough to land an entire inventory of clothing and blankets, we were excited about being able to help out on a larger scale.

As we sorted the clothing in the basement, we realized there were a lot of things that the shelters probably wouldn't take. Rabbit fur coats, wedding dresses, and Alfani leather jackets aren't typically something you see a homeless person wearing. So we decided to sell some of the items and donate the money so it could be funneled to the right people. Designer jeans and women's business attire were taken to various consignment shops around town. And the results were stunning. We were turned away at every turn. Plato's closet informed us that the styles were from more than two years ago so they were not interested. Another second chance boutique said that Lane Bryant and Abercrombie and Fitch were not high end enough for their establishment. After a few more rejections, we called a few shelter just to see if we could drop everything off. They also were not interested, saying they didn't have room, only accepted clothing in the winter, or only took cash donations. What? All we are trying to do is give back a little. Yet we were stopped in our tracks no matter which direction we went.

So we have made a decision. We like handing out items directly to those who need them. So we are stockpiling the winter coats and blankets and will give them to the people who need them this winter. Everything else - well it looks like we are going to be having a yard sale this weekend and if anyone is looking for good clothing for very little money, you should come by. Every dime we make will go directly into a jar that we will keep in the car and hand out when we pull to a stop light and see a person holding a sign, or when we see a person sleeping on a bench. Because we have discovered that when we are able to do that, as we always have, it is a lot more rewarding than giving a cash donation to a person behind a desk.

Yard Sale this weekend (and every weekend for the foreseeable future) , my house in Gahanna, Ohio. Leave a comment if you want the address.

Day # 485, still good to be me.

Have a great day everyone.......................


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