Justin's miniskirt

A few weeks ago, just before I was settling in to watch a Reds game, the sound went out on the TV. Not that this is a momentous occasion, as the TV wasn't on all that much anyway. With each of the boys having their own set in their rooms, the big one in the den was only watched when Tiffany kicked me out of the bedroom because she was not interested in watching baseball. Never the less, we put a new one in the budget and ordered it last week from Walmart's online store. And yesterday, I got my text that it was ready at the Morse Road store, a few miles from home.

My Walmart experience today was probably not unlike many of your own over the years. I made my way through the maze of a parking lot, finally finding a place about 6.72 miles from the front door. I took my online ticket to the service desk and no one was there. I waited a minute or so. The phone on the desk rang and a girl came around to answer. She held up her index finger to show me it would be just a minute and answered the line. She spoke into the receiver, said good bye, and turned to me. Then the phone rang again. Another index finger, another few minutes. When it happened a third time, I simply asked if she was the only person who worked at this store. With a disgusted look she said what do you need sir? I showed her my ticket and she said "Electronics" and answered the phone yet again.

I walked back to the electronics department and was greeted by Justin. Now, I consider myself a pretty open minded guy. I encounter all people from various walks of life at work, in my neighborhood, and in everything I do everyday. But along with his official Walmart badge and shirt, Justin was sporting a skirt. And not just any skirt, it looked to be a mini skirt that would make most strippers blush. A bit confused, I looked past it and showed him my ticket. With his black nail polished finger he scratched his very unkept beard and said "Oh yeah man, just follow me."  We walked to the back corner of the store, and during the journey I began to wonder if maybe this guy had been out back and had done something to the real Justin. As he got to the online support desk, he said "Just chill here for a minute" and disappeared through the double doors that said "associates only". And I waited. And waited. I checked Facebook on my phone. Used the bathroom right beside the desk. And even had a 10 minute conversation with a client.And still waited. When he finally re-appeared some 25 minutes later, he said "May I help..........oh dude, I am so sorry" and went through the double doors again. Less than a minute later he emerged with my new TV. I put it in a cart and headed towards the door. I walked the 6.72 miles back to where I parked. 45 minutes of my life I can never get back.

As I loaded it into the car, I realized three very important things. First that I had to share this info with all of you in blog form. It was quite a little adventure. Second,  the next time I order anything from Walmart, I will pick it up in Reynoldsburg. And last but not least, this was the best customer service I had ever recived at the Walmart on Morse Road.

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Day # 485 ...............Oh yeah, did that already......oh well, still good................


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