Murphin Ridge, and taking care of Abby

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Michael Slusher and I am the Fire Project Manager at PuroClean Restoration Experts in Blacklick, Ohio. I have been writing a blog for about two and a half years. It started when I was overseas, in Santiago, Chile, running a disaster restoration project in the aftermath of a strong earthquake. Originally I began posting here as a way for my family and friends to stay up to date on how I was doing and the progress we were making. But the blog took off from there, giving me the opportunity to journal my experiences and thoughts so I can look back in the years ahead and see where the path has taken me. I shared most posts, and encourage you to go back though the archives and read a few. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some will convince you that I am just a little crazy. But no matter your reaction, I hope you will enjoy as I now share my thoughts with the people who like our work on facebook, as well as with my loyal readers on my personal page.

As we have continued to stay busy at work, the stresses of the day in, day out grind are starting to show on all of our faces. The sustained busy spell is unlike any I have ever seen, and it is so easy to lose focus on your passion for all the other obstacles that come with it. Every once in awhile we all need to re-charge our batteries, and we all need to be reminded of drives us to do what we do. Over the last few days, I have had the opportunity to do both.

With five new fires in five days and 8 since the turn of August, the long hours and constantly ringing phone had me thinking my life was one of "need to get away" commercials that Southwest Airlines made famous a few years ago. When Saturday hit I saw my chance. Tiffany (my fiancee) and I headed to the heart of Amish country in Adams County, Ohio. We visited the Serpent mound (where my mother took me as a kid), spent several hours munching on Amish food and checking out their markets full of furniture and crafts, and finally settled in to one of the cabins at the Murphin Ridge Inn. With its winding trails (yeah, we got lost) and romantic log homes, it provided us the perfect escape for our mini vacation. After enjoying a wonderful dinner and terrific night, we were feeling refreshed as we had breakfast the next morning on the patio behind the Inn as the sun came up. Then we headed off to Ceaser's Creek flea market to look for items for the house and the wedding. After a few hours there and a few dollars spent, we headed home and prepared for he upcoming week.

On Monday morning the top priority was a new fire in Delaware, Ohio. Having met the clients the Friday before, I promised them we would have a team in place to pack and move the contents of their entire apartment by the end of the day Monday. When we arrived, I introduced my team to the owner. I assured her that the guys would take great care of her. She explained to me that her daughters baby doll, Abby, was covered in soot and smelled like smoke and asked if we could do anything with her. I told her we would take special care of her daughter's friend and picked the doll up. I took her to the car and strapped her in a seat belt. I snapped a photo and sent it to the insured so she could show her daughter. I gave her to our cleaning department went I arrived at the office and they began the process of restoring her. As they worked, they took pictures and sent them to the owner, who was loving everyone. On Tuesday morning, Abby was clean, the odor was gone, and I transported her back to the client.

As I handed her back, the owner was thrilled with result and handed me a folded up piece of paper. It was a note from her daughter, thanking us for the pictures and for taking care of Abby. I fought back a tear as I told her that it was no problem, this is what we do. But inside I was once again reminded why I do this for a living. It's not about money. Its not about the travel or company car or any of the other perks I enjoy from my work. It's about helping people restore their lives. Its about helping them get their piece of mind back. And, on those rare special occasions, its about helping a 12 year old girl feel better after her house burned down. There is no better perk than that, and its why I love my job.

Batteries recharged. Ready for the next one.

Day number 506 and it is still good to be me....................

Have a great day everyone!


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