Tomorrow is the big day

Under normal circumstances the last week or so would have been really good. I saw my family at my brothers on Saturday. I saw more family Sunday when I went to see my Uncle David and Aunt Lora back home. It was a busy week at work, with an escalated workload from a weather pattern that had us dodging lightning and tornadoes all week. Those who do not understand what I do for a living may think I am crazy. Those who do understand or work with me are kicking themselves for not being here. I spent a lot of time with friends, both new and old. I had extra time with the boys, which I will never pass up. And the laugh of the week was when my brother discovered that no matter what options his new Dodge Ram came with, it is in fact NOT a boat. It doesn't float. 15k in damages later, I think he learned a lesson. Honestly though, if I cam along the same stretch of road in the same vehicle, I would have done the same thing. Don't laugh, you would have too.

A good week, right? Except that little cloud hanging over my head. That upcoming surgery. I knew it was coming and on Thursday I was informed it will be this coming tomorrow- Wednesday, the 27th. It is scheduled for 1:15pm, and will last anywhere from five to eight hours. There will be updates on Facebook, and I will blog as soon as I can.

As I have dealt with all this it has truly been a myriad of emotions. Some days I get so down, not wanting to go through this yet again. But on the other hand, I know there are people out there who are in worse shape than me. And that the accident was really that blessing in disguise that I have talked about. I also am so lucky to have people in my life who have been incredibly supportive and have kept my head in the right place even when I didn't want them too. They know who they are, and they each know how grateful I am to have them in my life. But the calls and texts and messages from so many others has been overwhelming. Your kind words and prayers said in my name are greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow is the day. I will be back as soon as possible. Until then, Good Night All.........................


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