Gypsy Soul

Over the last couple of years I have been afforded a tremendous opportunity to travel and see things I have never seen before. Before the inception of this blog I already had been all over, from Seattle to Virginia Beach, Florida to Minnesota, and so many other stops in between. I called myself a traveling man because, like my colleagues around the world, we never know where we might be tomorrow.

I have had the fortune recently of meeting someone who has somewhat similar experiences. Only, hers are much more in depth than my few weeks in Chile or few months in Tennessee. She is a true gypsy soul, never being able to stay in one spot very long. A native of Columbus, she has lived in North Carolina, California, Nevada, and more places I am sure I have forgotten. A free spirited guitar player, she told me that when she was a child she told her father that someday she was going to live in Arizona. She had no idea when or even where that state was at the time, but she knew she would go there. And she did. As we sat and talked she told me of her grandmother, who passed in December at 93. "Gypsy" (as she will be called) would go see her and grandma would just say "You're leaving, aren't you?" and "Call when you get there." She told me of stories of her adventures and where she has been, about her love of muscle cars and being a hot rod as a kid, and 1000 other stories I could write about all day. About how life has brought her full circle and she is back in Columbus again, spending her days in the pizza shop her father opened years ago.

She came back to take care of some unfinished business. I am not sure how long she is going to be here this time, I am only sure that I am glad to have met her. Its not often you have the opportunity to sit and talk to someone who has been where she has been and has the life experience she does. She also has been a good ear to share some of the places I  have been with, and has reminded me that no matter how bad you think it is, someone out there has it worse. That kind of positivity is what I try to surround myself with, so I hope to spend more time with her before she has to go.


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