The last post

Recently I have done quite a bit of what I call open heart blogging. Meaning, I sit down and the computer, put my fingers on the keyboard and whatever comes out is what i publish. There is a lot going on in life right now, from the health issues to professional uncertainty to personal battles that seem to be wearing down on me more and more everyday. I have always prided myself on making this blog sometimes serious, sometimes fun, often informative, and always a good read. But my lack of posts recently and the nature of them makes me feel as though I am plowing right now.

I have thought recently about making the blog be private. Unpublished posts that I can record my thoughts into and go back and read later, hoping to have learned something from the exercise. I already have many private blogs that often catch my eye as I am visiting my page here, and I am thinking that keeping my journal private may be the best thing for me to do right now. Besides, I hear from people that my words are often cryptic, and offer little explanations as to what their meaning may be. Other people ask if I am ok a lot, knowing from my writing that there are things going on that I am sharing with no one, save maybe the bffl.

So I have made the decision to make this my last published blog. I think its time to start holding the cards a little closer to my chest and not fall back into the heart on my sleeve guy that I used to be. I feel as though the posts recently have been leading to me saying really a lot more publicly than I ever should. So best to stop before that happens. Or as the saying goes "Best to keep your mouth shut and be assumed a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"

Wish me luck everyone. I appreciate you allowing me to share my experiences with you over the last year or so.

Take care of yourselves and, good day all..............................


  1. Of course, today is April 1st. The April Fools Prank was brought to you by the letters G,O,T,C,H, and A. I wonder how many of you didn't realize this was the case until you read the comments? Happy Friday Y'all:)


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