Just what the doctor ordered

Last week was not the greatest week for me. As you know, if you have read, I went from a much needed "workation" in the Pacific Northwest to dealing with a serious health issue that still looming in my immediate future. Already a chronic overthinker, the news left me reeling more than anyone even knew. Possible outcomes and what might happened stuck in my mind all week, and by the end of the day Friday I was ready to not think about anything anymore. Not work, not health, not personal stuff - just let it all go. Fortunately, I was able to do exactly that.

I look forward to my time with the boys all the time. Normally, as Friday of my week approaches, I get even more excited, knowing that the weekend is going to be great no matter what we do. Sometimes we spend the whole weekend hibernating in the house, having movie marathons and Wii tournaments. Other days we go out and play, and this weekend fell into that category. Friday night I picked them up at their mom's at six, as I am supposed to. Since nothing was on the agenda and they asked, I allowed them to have a friend over for a sleepover. They camped out on the living room floor, watching movies and playing video games. The boys were happy, which made me the same. Saturday morning we took him home and the boys got their haircut.

After their trims we headed for Chillicothe. Miss Purple had invited us down to spend the day with herself and her girls, and we had a great time. A terrific pulled pork dinner, a very competitive game of monopoly, and lots of laughs from the kids made the evening a total success, and on our way home the boys all were asking when we could come back. Day two of the weekend was complete and I was feeling great as I tucked them in.

Today we spent the morning having breakfast and just hanging out. I had yet to reveal the surprise that I had in store for them. I called my very dear friends Dave and Sara and asked them if they and their boys, Aaron and Andrew, would like to join us for an afternoon at COSI (The Center of Science and Industry). John-Michael, Ben, and Tanner were ecstatic when I told them. They hadn't seen the other boys in a few months and had recently asked when we could get the two families together. They always want to start in the water exhibit, going down in the underwater capsule and playing with the fountains and plastic balls. After they were sufficiently soaked we hit space and the Gecko exhibit. Then it was on to the special event, called The Adventure. A full blown treasure hunt complete with a rock maze, hieroglyphic clues, and talking statues, it was a very interactive experience that was both a lot of fun and educational. Aside from Tanner's fear of the laser chamber that filled with fog and had a door malfunction that kept us inside for longer than normal, it was the most fun we have ever had at COSI. And that is really saying a lot, considering it is one of our favorite places.

As we left and I took them back to their mom's at the end of the day, I couldn't help but notice how much more relaxed I felt than before I got them Friday. Ironically, the weekend with my guys and all of our friends was just what the doctor ordered. I returned home, took a great 3 hour nap, and am ready to conquer the week and whatever may come my way.

Hope you all as great of a weekend as I did. Watch out though, Monday is creeping up:)
Good Night All.......................


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