Popeye the sailor man

I've had all I can stands, and I can't stand no more. I remember Popeye saying that just before he downed a can of spinach and his arms filled with muscles. I loved that show. We all knew when he had enough of Bluto's bullcrap, and we loved watching him open that can of whoop ass on him.

At work we have had a lot of change recently. A new general manager has taken the reigns of our office. And he is the worst example of leadership I have ever seen. Through his temper tantrums and profanity laced tirades he has managed to cause one person to walk out, and has had heated confrontations with several others, both from our office, other offices, and our national team. Being who I am, even keeled and a guy who gets along with everyone, I had managed to stay out of that path. Even from the sidelines, I was becoming more appalled and angered by this guys atomic temper and childish behavior. So today, when he decided I should be the guy in his crosshairs, I decided I've had all I can stands and I can't stands no more. His expletive filled explosion on me did not cause me to shout back. Rather, I told him he was out of line. This caused more anger and venom from this hot air filled bully. When he was done, I knew what I had to do. Who to reach out to in order to change this toxic work environment. And the wheels have already been set in to motion.

I hope when this is over that valuable lesson have been learned. I am sure there is going to be dramatic action taken, and hope I do not find myself in the unemployment line. Wish me luck, and I will keep you all posted.


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