I need a new knee

Many years ago I hurt my left knee after falling on the ice. Knee braces and physical therapy were all the thing I committed to in order to avoid surgery. Some of you may know that I am not a big doctor fan, and that I need to be down to my last breaths before I am cut open again. However, as a result of that decision I have a chronic knee problem. At first the flair ups were every few months. It would swell to the size of a volleyball and I would be off my feet for a week or two. But through the years those times became less frequent, more like every couple years. However, after 8 hours stuffed in a airplane followed by three 12 hour days on my feet, my California adventure came to a quick end Saturday when I could barelt walk. I stumbled my way onto an airplane and was grateful to have an entire row to myself all the way back home. Now, after 2 days back, I am still in a great deal of pain. But I can walk. And tomorrow, I can work. Hopefully soon I will be back to 100%, but I cannot sit on the sidelines for long.

Halloween passed without much fanfare. Normally I love this time of year. But I wasn't with the boys on beggar's night, so the air was let out of the balloon. As we are full swing into my favorite season, I wonder where this year has gone. Soon there will be turkey, then presents and lights, and before we know it bells will welcome 2011. Who knows where I will be then. If anyone had told me a year ago today that I would have been dressed up as Bender, hanging out with Doug, Bethany, and Abbi when 2010 arrived, I would have said who the heck is Abbi? And why Bender? Oh how things change in a year huh? Life is fluid, always fluctuating and totally temporary. A year from now I may write this same blog, with different characters and storylined hidden in the text. But the meaning will be the same. I claimed 2010 as my year that night. Hehe now I just say bring on the last two months and let's take the express into next year. Because no matter what November and December reveal, it can't be worse than the last 10 months.

Early day tomorrow, but so worth it when the boys are here. Good night everyone...


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