What a day today

This morning at 10 my boss and I tried to find yet another place in Santiago where we had a meeting scheduled. We got to a very busy corner in downtwon when he said its close to here, I am gonna walk, park the car and find me. He got out and I turned right and discovered there was no easy way back. All of the streetswere one way, away from where I was going. And hour later I meandered ack to the Sheraton where we have been meeting everyday. I emailed him and told him I was there. Another hour passed and no word, Then another. Started to worry. Finally he called and told me to walk around the corner to a restaurant where we were to have a lunch meeting. I walked. 23 blocks later I found the restaurant. But it was worth it. Best pizza I have ever had hands down. There is a pic of the place on FB.
Afternoon meant a lot of running. Then a dinner meeting. I love having dinner here. Its always like Thanksgiving. So much food and great conversation. I also love a day when I had lunch with people from the US, Great Britain, and Chile, then dinner with colleagues from the US, Canada, Ecuador, and Iran. Such a sampling of people. Such a realization of what a small world we live in.
Came back to the room at 10:30. Worked til midnight on a presentation our Vice President has to give at 8 am. Got it done. Whew.
Tomorrow is going to be a different experience. While quake damage is not abundant here in Santiago, tomorrow I visit a jobsite that was devastated in the tremor. The whole town was. It should be an interesting and humbling experience.
I miss home. Terribly. But its beautiful here. And the international exposure I am gaining and contacts I am making are invaluable to my career. So I will give it my all. Most likely for the forseeable future.
Until tomorrow. Adios and vaya con Dios...............


  1. the place maybe one or two miles on your left or your right..... awww the memories

  2. Mike, I don't know if you've realized this yet, but you are writing stories of experience that sound very much like the stories your mom used to tell us at the reunions. Experiences full of adventure and fun. You remind me of her in that way. Love you cuz, have fun and be careful!!


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