And off to the races we go

Today began with an aftershock waking me up out a dead sleep. Being on the 8th of 24 floors in this hotel, it was unsettling to say the least. 5.6 on the richter scale according to the local news, the people here barely batted an eye. But from an American who lives in Ohio, yeah, little alarming to feel the building shake when you're 8 floors up.
Met the boss in the lobby this morning for our trip to the American Embassy. He had the address and with our handy dandy GPS we bought at the mall, we shoulda been set right? HAHA, um no. It didnt know where we were going either. It said it did. But After telling me to turn into traffic on a one way street, taking me through the mountains only to have me pull a u turn, and finally just telling me to drive to the highlighted route, it went into the glove box. At 10:30 we made it there for our 8:30 meeting. Next stop a hotel in midtown where more of our people were staying. This time we paid a taxi driver to let us follow him to the hotel. We drove around and around until finally he stopped. He said its right there and we paid him. But it wasnt there. And he was gone. An hour later we found it, 3 blocks from the Embassy, less than a mile from where the cabby had left us. We are gonna turn in the rental and take taxis from now on.
Oh, as we left the midtown hotel I scraped the side of the car against the wall out of the garage. Perfect end to a perfect morning.
I am gonna take a cab out to look at a jobsite tonite, then walk over to the mall and have dinner. I will write more later. And post pics on FB. Adios and vaya con Dios.........


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