Ok, finally got out to a jobsite today, 40 miles or so from Santiago. I cannot name the company we are working for, but imagine a 60,000 square foot warehouse full of racking that looked like someone had turned it over and shook it. Now imagine 5 of those side by side by side. It is a strcutural nightmare. First they had to shore up the buildings to avoid collapse. Next they had to figure out how to remoce the 2 million or so boxes from the facility. After we accomplish that, we will decide if the structures are repairable or need taken down and rebuilt. I toured the facility and then talked to the Project manager onsite. After our conversation, he decided he didn't want me to leave. So I am now assigned to that job as logistical manager. In a country where we have no vendors, no relationships, and most of the local supplies have been exhausted, I am charged with aquiring anything and everything we need for the project. From heavy machinery to boxes, I have to support a 10 million dollar plus job to keep it running smoothly. I am expected to be onsite for the next 3 months, but will be able to rotate out at least once for a week.
That area is heavily hit. There are pedestrian bridges down, having crumbled when the quake hit. I will post photos on FB, but my camera battery died today before I could take any pics.We are all being registered with the Embassy tomorrow in case of another quake. We would need to be evacuated at that time.
The drive to this area was so beautiful. A toll highway cuts through the Andes Mountains to take us there. In the valleys, Tobacco farmers are harvesting in advance of the rainy season, which come in less than a month. The mountains are beautiful, smaller ones set on a background of cascading peaks. I will take photos of that tomorrow too.
I switch hotels tomorrow as well, and trade my rental car in for a truck we are acquiring. All to be better suited to handle the job.
I will blog more tomorrow until then Adios and vaya con Dios.......


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