End of Day two

Today was a good day, sorry i dont have any new photos to post. I am sure there will be more tomorrow. I went to the Spermarket today, then to the mall. It was packed, its the center of the universe here I am convinced. Came back to the hotel and caught a cab to Old Santiago. Though it was only a 20 minute car ride, its a vastly different view of the city. Boarded up buildings and people asleep in the street. We got out and wanlked around for a few, but the comfort level was down and people were eyeing us. So we jumped back in the cab and came back. Worked out tonite, ugh, I am gonna be sore tomorrow but I am determined to come back in better shape than when I arrived here. Now I am in the hotel, relaxing, watching Criminal Minds in English. I am amazed how americanized it is here, almost everyone I have met speaks some English. All the signs are in Spanish and English. Most the television programs are in English with Spanish sub titles. Tomorrow is gonna be a very busy day, so I may not blog til late. But I will update as soon as I can. Thats all for today. Adios y vaya con Dios...........


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