Karma thy name is Trigger

I miss my Sirius radio. For 3 glorious months, I did not have to worry about static blowing up my favorite song if I was out in Hocking Hills. I heard no scratches and blurbs when tuning into Mike. McConnell in the morning on 700. And I didn't have wait til I got home to hear CNN to catch into the latest news from around the world. It was a good ride, but when the trial period was up in my new company car, my boss said no way on continuing my listening pleasure.

Yesterday morning, while scanning through the FM stations in town, I came across a segment from a morning show that I had forgotten all about in my satellite euphoria. WCOL's Woody Johnson was reading this week's edition of the dumb awards. Scanning the news for people who prove that there are idiots everywhere, this bit has made me laugh til I cried more than once. There was the guy who walked into the Burger King(with gun in hand) to rob them, only to be told they couldn't open the register without an order. So he said give me onion rings, and they said we are still serving breakfast. So he and his gun left the restaurant empty handed.

Funny right? And there are hundreds more just like that. I could do an entire blog about stupid people. But yesterday's edition of The Dumb Awards stopped me dead in my tracks.

You all have heard me talk about my brother Josh. The 36 year old kid who keeps blowing up his life and starting over, only to blow it up again, right? He is a proud father of 3 great kids, including his son Bently. For those who may not know, this child's mother disappeared out of her son's life 2 years ago without so much as a phone call or explanation. Rumors of drug use and psychiatric issue ran rampant, and I am not sure how true or untrue they were. What I do know is that my brother did his best on his own with his son and they had a wonderful relationship.

When Josh needed to ask for help from the government, they insisted that his mother pay child support. He begrudgingly obliged. This woman had abandoned their son. Forcing her to pay support, even though it would help his financial situation, was going to invite a whole of or chaos and drama into him and his son's life. But he had to do what he had to do.

2 days later she showed up at the baby sitters house (which happened to be her own mother's) She took Bently and left the state, ripping the young boy away from the only family he had ever known and taking him to live with complete strangers. A devastated Josh could only imagine how scared his son was.

He called the police, who told him under the birth mother's rights law in Ohio there was nothing he could do except get a lawyer since he never had a custody agreement with her. Since that day he has been fighting to get his son back. He started a go fund me page, used other resources to raise money and got the papers filed. They are awaiting a court date, when he will try to win his son back.

As the Dumb Awards were announced, I heard Woody talk about a woman in Indiana who was out hunting with her dog. She laid her 12 gauge down and walked away. A second later the dog stepped on the shotgun, and it went off, striking the lady in the foot. The funny part for the dumb awards was that the dog's name is Trigger.Thats ironic, huh?  But, as Paul Harvey would say, stay tuned for the rest of the story.

As Woody explained the story, he started with "Allie Carter, 25, of Kendallville, Indiana......" Wait, what? I immediately picked up the phone and called my brother. "What is Bently's mom's full name" I asked?

"Allie Carter"

"How old is she?"

"25. Why you asking?" my brother queried. So I told him

I don't ever remember hearing him laugh that loud.

He spent much of the day researching, posting the CNN link, and calling the TV station that originally aired the story to ask if they wanted to know about the kind of person she really is. Not only is she an irresponsible gun owner, but just not a very responsible person overall. Hopefully he will ask in court what happens if she leaves the thing loaded around his son?

Either way, I have yet another reason to  believe in Karma. This time it's name is Trigger.

Day # 972. Below find the link to the story I am talking about. Click it. Have a laugh. Enjoy. It is good to be me!



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