I always wanted a Bentley

I am a car guy.

Kind of.

Can I take a motor apart and put it back together?

Can I restore an old clunker back to hot rod form?
Not if you put a gun to my head. 

Can I look at almost any car on the road and identify it by year, make, and model?
You bet your rear end I can.

I have rarely been stumped, even when I was a kid. From Chevettes to Corvettes to Coronets, Mustangs to Murcielagos to Maserati's, Pinto's to Porsches to Puegots,  I could be on the Jeopardy of car makes.

Being that into cars, of course, I have had my share of "Dream Cars". I am a Corvette lover, have always been a fan of any Italian automaker, and of course would love to find a great deal on a slightly used Bentley convertible. The definition of elegance for nearly 100 years, there aren't many of them rolling around Columbus, Ohio. Definitely a bucket list item just to get behind the wheel of one of one someday before I die. 

But I digress. This post isn't about cars at all. But it most assuredly is about a Bentley. And that is where we begin. 

On more than one occasion in the history of this blog I have spoken about my brother Josh. 6 years younger than I am, he and I grew up sharing a room together. I mention that because it is proof positive that we were definitely raised by the same parents. An important point of emphasis because we are nothing alike. His path has led him down one road, and mine down another. And our sister, well she is completely different from either one of us, making our family a very diverse group of personalities and lifestyles. But despite our different places we find ourselves in life, there is nearly nothing we would not do for each other. And never has that been more evident than today.

Recently, Josh found himself in a problematic situation. He had a job offer that would allow him to get back where he needs to be. But it is an over the road job, and he has sole responsibility for his youngest son, Bentley. Not wanting to see my brother pass a good opportunity, Tiffany and I offered to let his 2 year old "mini-me" stay with us for as long as necessary. He thanked us, then nearly immediately hit the road to get started on his new adventure. Meanwhile, the adventure here is just beginning.

Do you all have any idea how long it has been since I bought diapers? Or changed diapers? Do you know how stupidly happy I was when I realized our new van has built in car seats? That is the coolest invention ever, by the way. This week has been a trip back in time for me, with praying he will go to sleep on time or making sure we have a diaper bag every time we go anywhere. Its taking a little time, but that rust of having a toddler is wearing off and I am finding my groove.


My Little Red, the woman who never wanted kids, and who explained away how awesome of a Mom she is to the boys by saying its because they are older, is a natural at this. She has taken this huge new responsibility and run with it. Bedtime, bath time, nap time, teaching him to clean his own dishes and making sure his teeth are brushed, and all the other million things that come along with this little blond haired boy, she has it all down to a science, and never missed a beat. It is so cool to watch them together, as they have developed quite a bond in a few short days.

For those of you who know Josh, imagine living with a two year old identical "mini" version of him. From looks to personality, he is Little Josh. Well, maybe a little more mature lol

Of course, we do not know how long it will last. He may be with us a week, a month, or for years. But it makes me wonder if, when my brother has things together and Bentley inevitably goes back to living with him, whether we should think about other kids who need a place to go. There are a lot of children who are looking for a family, and we have a pretty darn good one right here,

Who knows. For now, we will enjoy everyday he is here and watching him grow. After all, no matter what happens, the bond he is forming with "Ait TIFFIIIN" now will be one he will remember the rest of his life.

Day # 694. I feel old and young all at the same time. been a cool week  It is good to be me!


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