Cape Cod Memories Day 5 - Wahlburgers

We are avid fans of the TV show Wahlburgers, and made going there a point on our trip. Little did we know how cool it would be. The highlight of the week, the burgers were awesome, better than In N Out or Thurman's. The people were so nice and welcoming, and our server Allison was really outstanding. Without us asking, she even went to get Alma Wahlburg. The Matriarch of the family, she was as genuine in person as you see on TV. She hugged Tiffany and Susan, took pictures with everyone, and even said what a good family and nice boys we have. Tiffany cried like a baby when she met her, and she gave her another hug and a kiss on the cheek. She reminded me of my Grandma Slusher. We were all blown away by the hospitality and family feel of this place. If you are ever in Hingham, Maasachusetts, make it a point to stop by. You won't regret it! BTW, her restaurant, Alma Nove, is just across the street.

 Alma Nove
 This is a picture of the wall behind John than it is of him lol

 Movie and TV posters from Mark and Donnie
 These hanging fixtures have movies they have been in carved into them
 Left to right, Susan, Alma, and Tiffany. Notice that Little Red is crying lol. And that Alma's eyes are closed
 Left to right, Tanner, Benjamin, Alma, and John-Michael
 Tiffany and the boys out front
 Susan and Tiffany
 Slusher boys. Legends of their own

 My world right there
 Me and my Little Red


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