Life's beautiful moments

I confess, I am a people watcher. If you are sitting at a stoplight, singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite song, and you look over and catch someone staring- yeah that's me. I like to observe people and their behavior and how they react to certain situations. I remember seeing parents in the operating room at Kozair Children's Hospital in Louisville and seeing the anguish in their eyes. I recall the day my mother married the man I call Dad and how you could see on her face that this was the greatest moment of her life. There are thousands of examples I could give of still frame memories I have over the years, and I am sure any of you could as well. It's the tragic, the happy, the perplexed, the determined, the lost, and the enlightened images that make up life's beautiful moments. Who wouldn't want to watch them?

Not long ago, my brother and I had a falling out. An argument filled with harsh words led to two months of not speaking to each other. I vowed that I would not call him, as I was right and he was wrong. Turns out my new found self-awareness can still be trumped, at times, by my bull headed, stubborn self. Who knew? But back to the point, my brother and I are very different people who live very different lives. I have often joked that if you put us in a line up, you would never guess we were brothers. And knowing who my mother was, she would not want us to disown each other, no matter the difference of opinion. SO I called him. And he came for dinner.

After we ate, he was outside in the yard with Breezy. the two year old daughter of his wife, Josh took her on the trampoline. They laughed and jumped, with Josh providing just enough bounce so she would not get scared. then he laid on his back, held her high over his head, and brought her nose down to touch his. Snapshot. One of life's beautiful moments. No matter what anyone has to say abut my brother, when he has one of his kids close to him, it is pure magic.

Later in the week, I had to run to Washington Court House, Ohio to look at a new fire loss. Tiffany joined me as we decided to make a little road trip out of it.  We arrived at the small home just after 6 pm to find a 70 year old woman in pieces. Her late husband had built this home more than 30 years ago, and it was the closest thing to him she had left. Her tears flowed as I told her it looks like it will have to be completely gutted and rebuilt, as the fire ripped all the way through the small home. Not to mention that only the house itself, which was home to her son and his family (she moved to the house next door a few years ago after she lost her husband), was covered. All of their belongings were a total loss and not covered for replacement. I walked away for a few minutes to give the family a few minutes to digest the information. I saw the hurt and sense of grief on their face. Snapshot. Another moment.

I stood near the street watching them, feeding my habit, a rusty pick up stopped. He asked me where the people who live there were? I pointed him in their direction and we walked over. He said, hey we live down the road and, though I don't know you, I have two extra beds, a TV, a table and a bunch of food if you need it. Although people coming together to help others never shocks me in this industry, this offer gave me chills. This man appeared to have nothing himself, yet he saw a neighbor in need and jumped in. Snapshot. Another beautiful moment.

I confess. I am a people watcher. Life is full of beautiful moments of .tragic, happy, perplexed, determined, lost, and enlightened images that play like a reel to reel film in all our minds. So the next time you are singing at a light, and you catch me staring, you know why.

Have a great day everyone!


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