An egregious violation

I rarely use this blog as a political platform, and I cannot recall a time that I wrote about a personal crusade. I have written many times about my mother's battle with cancer, but that is different than righting a wrong. Today, however, I am going to tell you about an egregious violation of someone's basic rights, then I am going to ask you to help me right this wrong. Hopefully you will.

I recently responded to a fire loss in Columbus. From the moment I arrived, I knew this home owner was going to need special attention. A Vietnam veteran and heart transplant recipient, "John Doe" is a man who is in his golden years and in failing health. He takes 32 medications a day, has a hard time getting around, and needs constant care from his loving wife of over 40 years, "Jane". For her part, she is very hard of hearing and lost her hearing aids in the fire. On the initial night, we contacted the VA to get his medications replaced, had his C-PAP machine serviced and returned within 24 hours, and began looking for a place for them to stay while their home is uninhabitable.

The insurance company paid to put the "Does" in a Quality Inn Hotel. More specifically, the Quality Inn located at 4850 Frusta Drive, Obetz, Ohio 43207. You may want to jot that down. The beleaguered homeowners and there faithful 4 legged companion Spirit checked in and made themselves at home.

On Tuesday, May 21, Wayne collapsed in the hotel room. In hysterics, "Jane" called the front desk to ask for help. Their response, according to "Jane", was "We cannot help you, call 911". While the advice to call a squad was the right move, no one on their staff offered any help to her while the medics were en route. "John" was rushed to the hospital, where "Jane" joined him. Tiffany and I agreed to watch Spirit for her, and brought him to our warehouse. He was very well behaved and had no accidents, which is important to the story. He went home with us, came back to work yesterday, all without any issues at all.We took him to back to her yesterday evening at the Quality Inn, where we found "Jane" in tears and packing her bags. I asked her what happened and she stated that the hotel was throwing them out. The bed had been completely taken apart and the mattress was leaning up against the window.

I immediately went to the front desk to ask why. The regional director was behind the desk and I posed the question to her. She stated to me that it was because "One of them had an accident in bed. I mean didn't you see it? how am I supposed to ask my cleaning crew to clean it". It was true, there was some staining and the box spring need cleaned. I told her that evicting them because of Mr. "Doe's" disability is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I further stated that to throw a disabled veteran out on Memorial Day weekend is unamerican. Suddenly, this Regional Director's story changed, and it was because the dog had defecated in the room. I told her the dog had not been there in two days, and that there were no signs in the room of that taking place. She stated she was sorry and understood and that the dog would have to be kenneled in order for them to stay. I explained to her that we could do that, but then she said never mind they have to go no matter what. We even offered to clean the mattress and box spring, or even buy them a new one. They told us to not, that they didn't want to deal with this

I went back to the room and packed Mrs. "Doe's" belongings. I loaded them onto the butlers cart and took them out the side door where the handicapped ramp is (this is the only access to the first floor for handicapped people since the lobby is sunken from the hall where the rooms are) As I made it down the ramp and out the door, I realized I would have to take the cart off the curb because there was a cargo trailer parked in the no parking area directly in front of the ramp. There was no other way around. For me, taking the cart over the curb was not an issue. For a person in a wheelchair or scooter or walker, there would be no way in - or out.

I loaded her car and went back to the room. I asked "Jane" about that trailer, she said it had been there the whole time they had been and that she had to help Wayne up onto the curb to get in.

This whole experience was unbelievable to me. These people threw out this man for being handicapped. In the last two weeks his house caught on fire, he wound up collapsing (they are still evaluating him and he faces a long assisted living stay when he gets out of the hospital), and then these people tossed him and his wife.out like trash. I took photos and documented all that I saw. I also asked the hotel for a copy of the paperwork the "Does" signed when they moved in so I could see the fine print that allowed them to throw a guest out. They refused, saying that they would not release it to me because the insurance company was paying the bill.

I ask your help. I am putting a link to the Quality Inn Corporate Website comments page below. I ask you to flood their website with comments about this. I also ask you to repost my blog link on your facebooks and ask your friend to help, and have them repost. I am contacting the Americans with Disabilities enforcement division, several veterans group, and am thinking about the media. My only hesitation about calling TV is that it could be a conflict of interest with my work. But any of my readers could call!

Please help me with this. This man and his wife deserve better. Please leave comments on the blog if you support this effort. Thank you all.

Quality Inn Regional Director that I spoke too: Joy Cronin 614-497-9600

Quality Inn:

Quality Inn Obetz reviews page, a MUST READ:


  1. I have one word INHUMANE!!! This story makes my heart hurt for the Man's family who served for our Country so we could be free, free to do the right things and free to know the difference between right and wrong and act on it. Sick people like the staff of that hotel are again INHUMANE. I am baffled

  2. This company should be looking to place this women in a suitable place to rest her head and that is the least they can do! As far as the staff not even helping the only thing that comes to mind is they would no longer have a job!!!!!! this is a Veteran who served so they can be free....Total shame and disrespect is all this company is in for as I have shared this with my Veteran friends.....People have lost the value of what America stands for and I hope this brings it to light for those who honor our Veterans..........


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