Just to be clear

Go back.

Go back and read some of the 358 published blog posts under my name. Read about my failures and victories. Read about my inherited clumsiness or the miracle that I am married to. Learn about my Papaw and about how I am Mike the Mammoth guy.  Go read more than one post. Get in the club. All the cool kids are doing it!

Are you back? Good.

Please pay attention.

If you truly did read them, three things should be evidently clear to you:

#1.) This blog was started in 2010 as a tribute to my mother. Her influence can be seen in almost every post

#2.) This blog is about me and my life. That is the story it tells. I talk about my work, my family, my friends, my experiences, anything that is on my mind. Some posts are fun while some are more thought provoking. Some are very celebratory while others are more somber. But I am never less than genuine, and try to never be negative (had a few negative posts early on, didn't like who that guy was.)

3.) In the last few years, I have used this forum to talk about my faith, to give God glory for the awesome work he was doing in my life when I was running from him, and the awesome work he is still doing everyday. God is Great. All the time. And I am going to give him glory for it.

I share my blogs via Facebook because I have been asked to many times over. And because when my time here is done, my grandchildren can click on a link and see the where life's journey has taken me, at least from 2010 onward. It is my legacy, as my sister talked about at my Mother's funeral (try reading the The Pocketwatch for clarity ).

I appreciate those who read the blog and enjoy the posts. I like to make people laugh, to make them think, to make them feel. But at the end of the day it is still my blog.

And my story.

So if you want to offer feedback, try being more educated about it. Don't read one post, assume you know who I am, what I am feeling, or that you know how to say what is in my head or on my heart better than I do.

Because you don't.

I have done fine through 358 posts here. I do not need anyone's help as I write the next 358.

If you do not agree with that, it is cool. Just choose not to click the link the next time. Or feel free to unfriend me on Facebook all together. No hard feelings, really.


Love all of you. Just needed to set the record straight today.


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