Padiddle - Tiffany update 11-2-16


Yesterday, Tiffany had an appointment with the surgical oncologist at the Stephanie Spielman Center. After last week's good but confusing news concerning the biopsy of a mass in her left breast, we had been looking forward to getting clarification and, more importantly, finding out if there were going to be more obstacles to jump through before Little Red could actually be listed in the Heart Transplant List.

Of course, we are talking about my wife. So obstacles are par for the course.

Dr. Farrar told us that the issue with the biopsy is a few abnormalities in the sample. While the tissue was completely benign, there were a few anomalies that could have been evidence of pre-cancerous cells. And, before we are put on the list, we have to know if these cells could present an issue further down the line.

So what's next? Well we first have to go speak to Ohio State Preoperative Assessment Clinic to make sure that they can use anesthesia on Tiffany. I would assume that answer is yes. After all, they would need to use an anesthetic if she was going to have a heart transplant, right? Assuming that she can, then he wants her to have surgery to remove the remainder of the mass and tissue surrounding it. A week later, we will go back to see him and get the results. If everything is benign, then she should receive the all clear.

Of course, we are talking about my wife. So obstacles are par for the course.

So now we wait. Again. And again ask for prayers from all of you.

Day # 1335. Last evening, with the perfect fall weather, Tiffany and I decided to go to a local park. I pushed Tiffany in her wheelchair along the paths at Woodside Green Park with the help of our friends, the Burnhams. As we walked, we told them what the doctor said and caught up on everything else going on in our lives. The sun set and it became harder to navigate the path in the dark. I commented that we needed to put light on Tiffany's chair to see at night, to which Sara quipped "Hey, she already has one bad headlight, lets not tempt fate." I asked if that made her a padiddle, and we all laughed. Some much needed light-heartedness in the middle of a stressful few weeks.

Have a great day everyone.


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