I am no Moonlight Graham

"No one has called me Moonlight Graham in 50 years" - Burt Lancaster, Field of Dreams

I love that movie. One of my all time favorites, the best part is when Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones are talking to the lady at the local paper. She is telling them about the old baseball player they were looking for who had come back home and become a doctor. And everyone had known him in this small town. I have seen that movie 1000 times and could probably watch it 1000 more. It never gets old.

We are in a very busy spell at work. As winter arrived, house fires became the prevalent claim type called into the Mammoth Ohio World Headquarters. And since I am that fire guy, I have been running from Dayton to Portsmouth, Bucyrus to Athens, and everywhere in between. My boss and I joked that we need to put a laptop stand where my passenger seat is so I can write a few estimates as I drive. Or I hope he was joking!

One of the fires I did this week was in my neighborhood. This has become something of a habit, with us having taken care of 4 claims within a mile of my house in the last year. People in the industry tease me and ask if I moonlight as a firebug. I laugh it off and tell them it is all about taking care of people. And since I have the best team in the world who takes great care of my clients, then the word gets out. No more proof of that that the rush of business we have experienced the last 2 months.

On Friday evening, I took a break from the Mammoth world to watch my son wrestle. John-Michael has worked so hard to become a better wrestler, and I try to never miss the opportunity to see him on the mat. So I was excited as I made the drive about 20 miles to the school where the meet was to be held.

I walked into the gym and saw the son of one of my clients sitting with the team. A sophomore heavyweight, his parents home caught fire during a lightning storm 18 months ago. They were very picky when looking for a company to help, and I was honored when they chose us. My team did what they do and, as a result, his family was very pleased when we were done. And I am proud to watch him wrestle on my sons team today.

I walked down little further and found a seat in the bleachers near a couple friend of mine whose son is also on the team. As we chatted, I realized someone sat close to me. I turned and found another wrestling parent at the match. Her son, Tyson, is one of the senior superstars in the program. Headed to school on scholarship, he is the guy who everyone stops whatever they are doing to see him battle his opponents.

 She is a star in her own right, being the ultimate wrestling Mom and Tyson's number one fan. And she, too, is a client. 3 months ago a water line burst in her house and we had to move everything out of her basement. We are waiting to move her things back as her home isn't quite ready. She also is battling health issues, and knows that her things will be ready whenever she is.

After an exhausting week, it was good to see my boy do battle with his team. But sitting in that gym, it occurred to me what a small community it is. And how I had better do my job well because I will be dealing with these folks long after they move back into their homes. And how, while I may not be a Doc Graham from Chisholm, Minnesota,  I am that fire guy here in good old Gahanna. And while it may not have the magic of an Iowa cornfield, it is a great feeling knowing that people know they can count on me.

Day # 293, think I am gonna watch a baseball movie, can you guess which one? It is good to be me!


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