My son is the new Chuck Norris

They say that every parent hopes their kid has a child just like the one they raised. And from what I remember about my childhood, my Mom probably wished that wish every day of her life after I came along. I was a Noxema eating, standing on the table at Burger King singing the McDonalds song, asking if the Gas Station man wanted to be my new Daddy, falling out of the shopping cart and busting my head open kind of kid. Mom had quite an adventure trying to raise me, and I am glad that for the most part my boys have not given me the same experience. Sure JM broke his arm last summer, but overall we have had a very uneventful few years.

I was surprised, then, when I answered my phone shortly after 5 last night. John-Michael had been at football practice and should have been home. Instead, he said "Dad, I got hit by a car and am at the Gahanna Police Station." I was out the door in a flash and got to him in less than 8 minutes.

I realized that he was not seriously hurt when I walked in. Officer Jones was talking to him and two other boys, one of which had also been struck in the incident. I listened as they explained how John-Michael had been hit first. He was knocked off his bike, and the force of the impact caused the front license plate to fall off the car. One of the other boys, Jordan, came to help him, at which point the car took off. As he was trying to get around JM, Jordan, and the bikes, he struck Jordan with his car. As he drove off, the boys Coach, who had pulled up after it happened, told them to take the plate and head to the police department.

You all know me. Don't mess with the boys, my wife, or my family. Naturally, I was hot. When the officer ran the plate, I asked him if I could have the address. Several times. But he only said we are going to charge this person (evidently the driver was the 19 year old registered owner of the car) with everything we can. And you can see him when he goes to court. The answer I wanted? No. Smart policeman? Yep.

Yeah, we will be seeing him in court.

I took JM to the emergency room, where we waited for hours to be told at 3 am that he will be sore but should be ok. Better safe than sorry, I know. And I will probably understand that a lot better after I get some sleep. For now, though, I am ready for the weekend to start so I can crash.

Seriously, if you left your license plate at the scene, why would you run? Dumbass.

Day # 152. My son took on a car and won. He may be the new Chuck Norris:) It is good to be me.


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