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For the last week or so, I have been thinking about the path and where it is leading. At work, the year is winding down and my boss is setting new goals in place. While I am on board with what he is trying to do, I also have to look at the bigger picture and what is best for Tiffany, the boys and myself. I do love my job, but there are times that it seems the minutia gets in the way of the bigger picture. The unfortunate part about that is those small details are the bread and butter of a company like ours. And while you are never going to please everyone, getting those around me to understand that the speed bumps don't negate the highway is another challenge entirely.

Recently I have written about a number of topics that will feed into this one. I had a friend tell me I should write a book. And while that seems like an immense project that will require months if not years to accomplish, I look at the blog and think about the things I have written here. My posts are random, and don't follow any particular pattern. If I wrote the same amount and stayed on a topic or story line, could I write something that people would actually want to read? And what in the world would I write about? A fiction novel? Something more realistic that keeps you on the edge or your seat? How about a motivation book for businesses like The Fish Book or Monday Morning Leadership, both of which have helped improve my professional skills a great deal? I am not sure, but being published is definitely on the bucket list and a project I will start at the turn of the year.

Another recent post entitled "What if?" was the ramblings of a Tuesday morning at work. But it was not without merit. What if I could actually do something that would supplement if not completely replace my job?  Again I return to writing, because it is something I enjoy and like to think I am fairly good at. With this blog, on my dashboard, I have the ability to monetize my posts. No, that doesn't mean make the reader pay to view what I write. has something like that with their baseball bloggers and I cannot stand it. No, this would be more like allowing advertising in the margins and getting paid for that. I looked into that last night, but I cannot see doing it at this time. I have always said this blog is for me, and I love sharing it and having you read it. It is my outlet, my release, and putting sponsors on it would seem.........dirty, for lack of a better word.

I also looked into search engine optimization (SEO) blogging. That is the process of writing posts that will cause the average person to migrate towards a link or a site. It is not a bad idea, and something I am going to do some research on. I put in some inquiries about it and may pursue it. However, it would not be something I would incorporate into this blog. As I said, this one is special to me and I want to keep it as my own personal journal. So another blog, or two, may be on the horizon.

I love what I do for a living. That passion is driven out of a desire to help people and have a positive impact in their lives. I also do love to write. So my last thoughts for today are to meld the two together and see if I can make it fly. I am considering starting a blog about the restoration industry. Some posts would be job specific, some would highlight what is going on in the Ohio market at any given time. Some posts would be educational and sharing the knowledge I, and that others around me, have with our colleagues in the industry. Others may highlight someone who is looking for a job or a company that is looking to fill a position. There are a lot of ways to go with this, and some other really cool ancillary ideas that I could correlate into this blog. So I wanted to ask some opinion before I take it off the ground.

I have enough readers who work in the field I work in to get good feedback on this idea. Although I am not in the habit of asking for comments, I am going to do so today. Let me know what you think, if this is something you would read and help get the word out to others in the industry. I will look forward to your input.

Day # 610, and as I ponder the future and put myself out on a ledge, it is still good to be me!

Have a great day everyone......


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