Let the train start rolling

I have been a little out of my element recently. In the past, I have been dubbed Mr. Crackberry, a phone junkie, and a tech geek. Admittedly, all of those titles fit me well. So when I said goodbye to my previous employer last Friday and left my phone behind, the withdrawal started. Sure, I have my laptop at home, and Tiffany let me use her phone for whatever I needed over the last few days. But I am a far cry from the blackberry EVO combo I have been carrying for so long. Now I sit in a hotel in Akron Ohio, new work laptop fired up in front of me and new phone coming my way tomorrow. Yeah, that's more like it. Back to being a little more me.

Over the last few weeks the rumors of where I was going came fast and furious. My GM at Belfor said he heard Paul Davis Restoration. With a smirk I told him I heard that too, along with Servicemaster, Servpro, and a slew of other local companies in the Columbus Market. Truth be told, when I put in my notice, Paul Davis was my intended destination. But that all changed with one phone call.

Word apparently travels pretty quickly around the restoration world. When my phone rang with an unfamiliar number Friday before last, I answered it and heard an old colleague's voice on the other end. Within a few days we had a couple meetings and I realized what he was talking about was right up my alley. The company he represents is an established corporation, with offices in Florida and Northeast Ohio. They have been looking to expand into the Columbus Market, and he offered me the opportunity to spearhead that effort. With a better compensation package on the table than the offer I had already taken, the decision was a no-brainer.

The chance to build an office and a market from the ground up is the most intriguing part of my new position. The challenge of starting from scratch is exciting and nerve racking at the same time. But I am confident that we can build this into a force in Columbus, and become very successful.

And so begins the next step in my career. Right now, Kustom Restoration is just beginning to roll in Columbus. Hopefully soon, it will have the momentum of a freight train, with me as the engineer.

Akron for training. How ironic........

Good Night All..................


  1. Bonfire the 15th or so for my b-day. Bring your lady, don't be late. No excuses, text for directions with that new phone.


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