A chip off the old block-in-law

It has been almost three years since I lost my mother. 3 long years yet I still pick up the phone to call her every time one of the boys does something that I think she would want to hear about. She has missed so much, good and bad. From the kids growing up a little more every day to her newest grandchild, her namesake, Linda. She missed the the drama that surrounded my divorce and the subsequent collapse in every facet of my life that followed. While I think it would have been different if she had been here, I am glad she didn't have to see that dark time in my life. If you read this blog regularly, you understand how much she meant to me and my family, and how much she is still missed today.

Another thing she missed is Tiffany. My fiancee, and the answer to all the questions I have been asking for three years, Tiffany has quickly become the biggest influence on my life. She has encouraged me to let go of things from the past and to start building the legacy for my children that I have been talking about for so long. Those boys adore her. Not only that, but she met my father, who has since told me about the noticeable differences he sees in me since I have been with her. My sister and brother both have expressed their approvals for my future wife as well. Even my ex Angel has nothing but good things to say about her. And I know that if she was around to see this, Mom would love her too.

Last night as we watched CBS Monday night comedies, one of them focused in on the theory that people look for the same traits in a significant other that they see in their parents. Its an age old belief, and one that I have seen played out many times. During the show, Tiffany asked me if she reminds me of my mother. I smiled and said "You have your moments". We went back to watching the show and didn't think anything more of it.

My mom was a clutz. If you knew her at all, you probably have a story of seeing her do something that could only happen to her, then watching her face turn red as she began laughing so hard she threw herself into an asthma attack. There was the time she slipped and fell and slid under the car when it was sitting on a dry street.  Or the time the garage door caught her skirt as it was going up, pulling it up and giving the neighborhood a show. And who could ever forget the time she got her hand stuck in the soda holder at the end of the arm rest in a movie theater chair. So many stories about her clumsiness and lack of coordination that it would take me all day to write them all.

Abut an hour after that show went off, Tiffany and I decided it was time to take the dogs out one last time before bed. We were sitting on opposite ends of our reclining sofa, with the foot rests out. As we stood up and pushed the recliners back to a sitting position, Tiffany gave me a look. "What?" I asked, to which she responded "I'm stuck". I looked and , sure enough, the leg of her pajama pants was caught in the metal folding mechanism of the chair. She tugged once, then twice, and finally freed herself. After I got done laughing I looked at her and said "You asked me if you remind me of my mom? This is one of those moments".

Have a great day everyone...............................


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