What genius thought of this?

In my normal routine this morning, I sat down and opened the local news page on my Android phone. I look there to see the latest world news, the latest updates on Tattoo-Tressel-Pryor-we-are-screwedgate, and to check on whether it is going to be 100 degrees or pouring rain (we here in Columbus Ohio don't get 70 degree, low humidity, sunny days). Anyway, a few days ago, I saw the link to the story about our new court house in Franklin County. A $105 million, 7 story modern building, it has taken two years to erect this structure on High Street.

At some point during the design of this architectural wonder, they decided to put in glass staircases. This would offer another facet to the light and sheik look of the building. And so, the planners gave the go ahead. And when the structure opened this week, that elegant staircase punctuated the beauty of the high rise. But there was one major problem that no one saw coming. And it is so obvious that it blows me away that it was missed.

I don't know about you, but when I have to go to the courthouse I usually dress pretty nicely. During my divorce I had to go to the old court house several times. Don't get me wrong, it was never a tux and tails event, but a little better than business casual is appropriate. For me, khakis and a polo works best. For most ladies, a dress or skirt is usually the garment of choice.

Wait. Dress or skirt plus glass staircases? Seriously? This sounds like something from a bad porno movie or a fetish on Craigslist's casual encounters site. But in our courthouse? In downtown Columbus? Wow. I guess when I go down there in late November to apply for my marriage license, I will have to let my fiancee know that it's probably not a sundress kind of day:)

Uh Huh. You read it right. December 10th I will be taking the vowels. I never thought I would go down that road again. But I also didn't count on meeting a gypsy soul.

Hope everyone is having a great day:)


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