Cape Cod Photos 2018

More photos of this year's vacation. We wanted to go to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket but didn't realize how far in advance you have to reserve your spot if you want to take your car on the ferry to either island. Now we know better and we will be visiting both next year!

Smuggler's Beach

Coast Guard Beach

Coast Guard Beach

My mini-me

Nauset Light

3 sisters lighthouses

He is too cool for words

Highland Light

My favorite lighthouse picture

Radar Station Entry

We saw this place in 2015, drove right in. Felt like we had stumbled upon something straight out of WWII. Glad we found it again this year!

Duck Harbor

The sun was in ours eyes, we couldn't see at all!

Tanner decided he wanted to bring a small boulder back to Ohio with him. He named it Rocky and is carrying it to the van in this picture. 

Tiffany and Tanner at Heath and Kettle

Roure 28 Diner had toys cars all over the place, including this display. I felt right at home!

Another awesome sunrise

He wants to be your friend!

We decided to build one of these in the yard for Ben to live in!

Wings Neck Light. This is as close as I could get as it was down a private road that said no trespassing and no photos!!!

I really tried to capture how gorgeous the moon and it's reflection on the water were. This picture doesn't nearly do it justice.
Sandy Neck Beach

Sandy Neck

Sandy Neck Dunes

Sandy Neck Dunes

Sandy Neck Dunes
Nobska Light

Nobska Light

Tiffany, Tanner, and Ben at Nobska. That is Martha's Vineyard you see over Ben's shoulder

We had a wonderful week in New England in 2018, and cannot wait to get back here next year! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It is good to be me!


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