Tiffany update 10-26-16

Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to take a few minutes this afternoon to bring you all up to speed on what is going on with the effort to get Tiffany on the heart transplant list.

When I last wrote, we were waiting on Tiffany to have a biopsy on her left breast. that occurred Monday morning. Early today, the results came back. Benign*. Good news, right? Except, the asterisk is not a mistype. While there is no cancer present, the cells they looked at were "pre-cancerous" and she is considered high risk for developing breast cancer in the future. So what does that mean?

A heart (or any organ) transplant recipient has to be immunosuppressed for the rest of their life to limit the risk of rejection of the donated organ. If Tiffany is immunosuppressed and the cancer develops, it would spread quickly and lead to the worst possible outcome.

So whats next? Well on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016, Tiffany will see a surgical oncologist. He will explain what the concerns are, and likely recommend the removal of the rest of the mass. After the mass is removed, they will re-evaluate and then determine whether or not she can be officially listed on the heart transplant list.

As for Little Red, she is truly cool as a cucumber. She believes this is just a small speed bump and that she will be on the list when it is time. Her optimism and attitude are contagious, as she was giving ME a pep talk as I digested this information today. I shouldn't be surprised as that is who she is. Always taking care of me, or someone else, even when the most reasonable people would be falling apart.

Day # 1328. Keep us in your prayers.

Thank you


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