A walk in the park

So we bought a cow.

No, we didn't add to the zoo. There will be no fresh as it can get milk, cow patties, or "eat mor chikin" signs around the house anytime in the near future.

Scratch that.

Never, ever.

But we did buy a cow.

See our friends, the Burnhams, suggested to us that the two families should split the cost of a side of beef before winter truly kicked in. After checking into it, we agreed. On Saturday, the delivery was made. And our freezer is stuffed to the lid

In the coming months, the Slusher family table will see many meals out of this purchse. Meatloaf and burgers, ribs and roasts will all make their appearance as the winter passes. And of course that doesn't even include the best part. There has to be 100 pounds of steak. And that is where this post truly begins.

As you may or may not know, my awesome little wife is also my sick little wife. And she is my stubborn little wife as well. Last Monday, she had surgery at the Richard Ross heart hospital to have a defibrillator and pacemaker placed into her chest. And while she is expected to be resting and recovering through the end of next week, well that is just not her speed. Even after I ask her to take it easy, she just refuses to do so. So today when I got home from work, a fresh steak was on the dinner table. Now how am I going to lecture her after that?

I didn't. I just shut up and ate. And it was during dinner that, with the help of the Fed Ex guy, I was reminded of how awesome she really is.

My mother was many things. My best friend. My hero. A clutz. A shopaholic. An awesome Nana. And an over the top, every room and empty space needing to be decorated, lets listen tot the Carpernters one more time, certifiable Christmas nut. I told you of the Christmas Tree Shops in the last blog, but it went way beyond that. She embodied the Christmas Spirit. From the Christmas linens to the tree and decorations to the music boxes, she loved it all and always wanted more of it. Especially when it came to her villages.

Sometime after she passed my sister, father, and I went through her things and he allowed me to have some of things that made my Mom who she was. A box of photos and school projects from when I was a kid that she had kept hidden away. Her Blue Jean Quilt. that hangs in my house today. And totes upon totes of Christmas decorations to bring her Christmas Spirit to my home.

Amongst the scores of holiday decorations was one particular thing that I was so grateful to have. This village piece/music box was one of my Mother's favorites. And it was cool. Little figures skated around a clock tower, all while yuletide carols were played from the base. I displayed it every year since he gave it to me, and every year it seemd like another piece became broken or ceased to work. When I realized this year that the music wouldn't play anymore, I sadly tucked it back into the box. I did not want it to sustain any more damage.

As I ate my steak, there was a knock at the door. Fed Ex had a package for us. Nothing unusual as Tiffany does all our shopping online. But when Tanner brought the package into the room, I was absolutely floored. There, wrapped in bubble wrap, was another "Walk in the Park", complete with the figures, clock tower, and music.

"I thought we could keep your Mom's packed away and safe while we put this one on display" my wife said. With a little mist in my eye, I agreed, and we set the new musical scene up.

This time of year is tough for me, as well as my Dad and siblings. My mother's favorite time of the year was also the time we came to the realization we were going to lose her 6 years ago. And while she passed long before i even knew who Little Red was, I am lucky to have a wife who not only understands what she meant to me, but is a lot like her as well.

Day # 1003. You would have though my mom wrapped the new one herself. So much tape and bubble wrap it took me an hour to open it! Still, it's good to be me!


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