Now I look like a mule

I remember this restaurant booth. When I was a kid, it passed through my family more than all of the Chevettes and Novas combined. I remember it in my Uncle Ronnie's house in Blanchester. I remember sitting in it when my sister and I split a jar or pickles for breakfast in the trailer. I remember my Aunt Pam getting me with a fly swatter because I would not sit still in it while she was cutting my hair. It is one of several tables that are in the background of my childhood memories.

There was the round table (oval with the leaf) Mamaw had by the kitchen window. I sat behind it when I said peep, the only time my Papaw ever spanked me. There was the big solid one in my Grandma Slusher's kitchen, with benches on each side to accommodate the whole family. And there was the dark wood table Mom and Mike had from the time they got married. So many times as we laughed until we cried as we told stories, ate hamburger helper and drank cherry kool aid. The kept it until Mom got her "dream" table, which graces my sister's house to this day.

When I married Little Red, I quickly found out that she had an addiction to kitchen tables. Not just a collection. But she had to have everyone she could get ahold of. At one time we had 10 of them throughout the house! The pine one that we never could find the right spot for so we put it in the garage. The harvest table that I just took the legs off of to create a "totally Tiffany" shelving unit in the front room. The chrome retro table that we searched and searched for before finding it at an out of the way yard sale last summer. Another chrome table from her grandmother's basement that our coffee pot sits on in our kitchen. And another small formica top table from her late father's restaurant that is in our storage unit right now.

Now stay with me.....

Back in April, I was called to Muirfield Village in Dublin to look at a home that had caught fire. One of the largest residential claims I had ever seen, I prepared an estimate for the homeowners, who had 4 other contractors looking at the place (including my former boss, but that's for another blog). Knowing my competition, I was not holding my breath about signing the job. So when they called and told me they had selected The Mammoth, I was thrilled.

We worked diligently to restore there home and personal property, and they were very pleased with the results. A ringing endorsement on Angie's List combined with a glowing review on our Certificate of Satisfaction were appreciated by everyone in our company. But when they invited all of us, and their families, to their home for a barbecue, as a company we were grateful and gladly accepted.

As we sat in their dining room, Tiffany was at it again. She commented to Mr. Homeowner that she loved the dining room table. A 4 x 8 solid wood top on concrete pilasters, he explained that he had made this himself in the woodworking shop he had in the basement. He told us about memories of the table and how they raised their 3 daughters around it. It was a great time and we enjoyed their hospitality so much.

I told you all of that to tell you this.

We knew they were going to sell their house soon after we were done restoring it. Now empty nesters, they wanted to downsize into a condo. Once they bought their new home, they realized that their family table would not be able to make the move, as there was no where to put it. It was then that they emailed and asked if my wife and I would like to make this beautiful piece of furniture our family table. Stunned by the offer, we gratefully accepted. On Sunday we picked it up and brought it home.

Last night we had our very first family meal at our new table. The five of us enjoyed breakfast for dinner. We said best part, worst part, talked about our days, and had a great time. We do not get to do that a lot now that the boys are teenagers, so it was good to sit down together and make that memory. Mrs. Homeowner had said she hoped we will make as many memories around the table as their family had. If the past is any indication, last night was the first of many to come.

As for the title? When my Aunt Pam was done cutting my hair, she told me I had looked like a mule and now I looked like a little boy. I yelled back, "Nuh uh, now I look like a mule"

Thanks Aunt Pam for all the free haircuts:)

Day #946. I know I asked last time, but I am asking again. Prayers for my boys, myself, and especially Little Red are much appreciated. Kind of a bumpy road ahead with her. Still, as long as I am having dinner with my girl at our big ole table, it is good to be me.


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