I am only 84% awesome

Have you seen this quiz on Facebook? The concept is simple. Women answer 10 little questions and the computer spits out how awesome the quizzees husband is, in percentage form. It asks questions like "what does he do when you have a bad day?" or "does he give back rubs?" All pretty basic, and I got positive results on most. But then she got to that one question. And it killed me. I will get to that in a minute.

I like to think I am a pretty awesome guy. So awesome, in fact, that my phone actually calls me "Awesome McAwesomesauce". When a waiter at a restaurant or the guy at the gas station asks how I am, I usually reply "I am awesome, haven't you heard?" (except when little red is with me, then it's "if I was any better. she'd be twins"). And my youngest son calls himself Awesome McAwesomesauce Jr. In short, I never question my awesome standing. But this Facebook quiz accuses me of only carrying a 'B" average on the grand awesomeness scale.

I cannot cook. Now, when I say that, understand that I am talking about in a kitchen. On a grill, well, I am a legend in my own mind. But in front of a stove, I am lost. I have tried before, don't get me wrong. But my cooking experiments usually end up in pizza delivery guy at my door or 911 being called. So when question number 8 was "Does he cook for you?" I knew I was doomed.

Oh well. She can cook like a Master Chef. And I am apparently perfect in every other way. So together, we are the most awesomest couple ever.

I told you all of that to tell you this. I watched her take that quiz on our new computer. A computer she got for me because I told her I want to start writing a book and spending more time on my blog. Combine that with her desire to go back to school online and the fact that my old laptop died more than a year ago, and it was time for us to upgrade anyway.  And this blog is the first of many to come on our new toy.

Day # 496. I wonder what 10 questions would determine how awesome your wife is?

1.) Can she cook?
2.) Does she have red hair?
3.) Does she ****CENSORED**?
4.) Can she ****CENSORED**?
5.) Does.............

Wait, what??? She can and she does..????........dude what are you doing wasting time on Facebook?

I know right? Awesome wife, awesome life.
It is good to be me!


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