A Mothman Anniversary

When Tiffany and I first started dating, I was assigned to run a project in Charleston, West Virginia. I was still working for Belfor at the time, and had to run down for a couple days to meet an adjuster and agree upon a scope of work. I asked her if she wanted to accompany me, and she cheerfully agreed. It was the first day trip we had ever taken together, and we were both excited to get away.

As we drove down route 33 headed towards Athens, she asked if we would be passing through Point Pleasant, West Virginia along the way. I told her we wouldn't, because that small city was southeast of the route I needed to take. She seemed disappointed, and I asked why. She explained that she had always wanted to go there because of the Mothman Legend. I had no idea what she was speaking of, so she explained.

The Mothman is a creature who haunts the Point Pleasant Area. He was first seen in 1966 by a crew of men digging a grave, and was spotted several more times around the TNT plant, which had made munitions for World War II. Witnesses claim he was atop the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant when it collapsed in 1967, and that his presence had something to do with that tragedy. There was a book written about it in 1975, and a movie (The Mothman Prophecies) was made in 2002. There is a museum, a statue, and a festival all dedicated to him. By the time we got to our hotel I knew two things. The first was that my new girlfriend could talk the wallpaper off the wall. And the second was that someday, I would take her to see the Mothman.

Earlier this month Tiffany and I were all set to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We have come a long way in the last few years. We have taken custody of the boys, turned our house into a home, and built a life together. And I knew that I wanted to make our first anniversary special. So I researched the town and found that the museum was contained within The Lowe Hotel.

Founded in the early 1900's, the hotel is known to be haunted. Many people have experienced paranormal activity throughout the years, especially in a couple rooms on the 3rd floor. There are stories of an old woman and a man who appears in a mirror. It was also within a few feet of the Mothman Statue. I knew this was the place to be. I called an made our reservation.

When we arrived I was blown away. The lobby of the motel looked like a Grand Ballroom straight out of the Titanic Area. The owners, Ruth and Rush Finley, were the people who greeted us at the desk. The keys were old skeleton keys. The lobby had a big fireplace burning. All the furniture was vinatge to that era, and every step we took up the stairs and to our rooms creaked under our feet.

Tiffany and I went to our room, and I found a wonderful surprise when I went in.  A cake, a bundle of goodies, and a few balloons were found throughout the suite. My wife and Mrs. Finley had conspired to decorate the room for my birthday, which was the next day. We enjoyed some of the items, then decided to go do some exploring. John-Michael and one of his friends had joined us on the trip (He wanted to see the Mothman and had paid for his own room) and met us in the lobby. We walked up and down the main drag, taking pictures with the statue, visiting the museum, buying souvenirs, and visiting all the little shops.

After exploring for awhile we decided to go for a drive. We wanted to try to find the TNT mines where the myth originated, and drove out into the general area where we were told they were. We drove down many back roads, often running out of pavement, seeing a lot of strange and unusual things. But no mines or Mothman. We headed back, knowing the sun would be setting soon.

 Tiffany and I went out to dinner, then had a drink with the owners before we called it a night. We had originally panned to spend all day Sunday there as well, but an impending storm in this never ending winter forced us to head for home first thing. We needed to beat the storm, which was bearing down on the entire region. But before we left we thanked the owners and they hugged us goodbye. After all, it felt less like visiting a hotel and more like visiting family. And we look forward to visiting them again.

It was a great weekend, and I enjoyed myself so much. But the most rewarding part was watching my wife, who had the time of her life. She has helped me cross so many things off my bucket list, and I am so happy to have helped her cross seeing the Mothman off of hers.

Day # 391. I would definitely recommend the Lowe Hotel to anyone who wants to get away for a weekend. We cannot wait to go back! It is good to be me!


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