700 to 1

I knew that moment was coming. From the months of preparation to the hectic pace of the last few days, I knew all the build up and anticipation was leading to one moment that would forever etch itself into my memory and change my life forever. I tried to imagine it, thought about how I would feel, and whether the moment would be a let down after the build up. It so was not.

As I stood beside my Uncle Ronnie yesterday evening at 6:30, I was anxious for the music to start. Marry Me by train played through the DJ's speakers as the bridal party walked into the room. Each of the couple took the half moon shaped walk to the steps, then fell into line on either side of me as we waited for that moment to come. With a hundred people on their feet and Van Morrison's Someone Like you Echoing through the sanctuary, I saw my bride walk through the door, on the arm of her Uncle and her Cousin. They walked towards the crowd, then turned to cross the wood floor and finally turned again towards me. When her eyes met mine and she smiled at me, the moment had finally arrived.

As she stopped at the bottom of the steps, I got weak in the knees. My heart pounded out of my chest, my eyes welled up with tears and I wondered how in this world one man could be so lucky. Here was this stunningly beautiful woman, with her piercing green eyes, red hair and free spirit, and she was looking only at me. As if she believed she was the one who was lucky to be there. Boy do I have her fooled, huh? And although that moment was fleeting, it was the one I had waited for almost two years.....scratch that, 39 years and 364 days..... to see. Believe me when I tell you, it was absolutely worth the wait.

She stepped up, I took her hand in mine, and we vowed our lives to each other. The reception started and we danced together for the first time, ever. Cowboys and Angels provided the soundtrack as we got lost in each other on the dance floor. After, our guests wished us well and we enjoyed a wonderful evening of celebration with the family and friends.

As we cleaned up and headed home, I asked a question of my new wife. I told her that this was day 699, but tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives. So should we start the count over, and she told me that we should. So, after 40 years on this earth today (it is my birthday after all), and 699 days of courtship, after 12 months of preparing and one moment in time, this is day one of the rest of our lives. And it is so good to be us.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. You are all now a part of our story and a have a permanent place in this life we are building together.

Day #1, and it is great to be us!


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