Accident or grand design

In 8 days, I will dance with my red headed sweetheart to the song that this lyric comes from. "Not sure why her path crossed mine, accident or grand design" seem to be the perfect words for us to share our first dance as a married couple. After all, when I met Tiffany I was not looking for anything other than good conversation and she was merely looking for a friend. Yet as we got to know each other over a beer some 691 days ago, we each saw something in the other that gave us a hint that we could be more than just an occasional "how's things" from an acquaintance. And in just a week and a day we will see that hunch we had as we walked away that night come full circle as we combine our two paths into one.

The wedding has approached with great speed. What once was an idea set off in the distant future is now bearing down on us and will arrive before we know it. A few weeks ago, we traveled to Illinois to visit family and meet with our wedding planner extraordinaire, my sister Angelia. We have always said we wanted to have a wedding that suits us, that reflects the life and home and love that Tiffany and I have built together. From painted mason jars to line the aisle to the barefoot bride, from the cool old church with the stain glass to the decor taken from the very walls of our home, it will be just that.

I have been reminded again, in the last few weeks, how lucky I am to have been blessed with the people who will fill the Olde Gahanna Sanctuary next week. My sister, who has gone above and beyond normal sibling duty in helping us to plan this shin dig. Her daughters, who have added ideas and will provide the photography services on the big day. My family Uncle Ronnie, who will marry us, and his wife Pam, who hosted a surprise bridal shower for my little red. And my cousins Zach and Joe, who will be our DJ's for the night. Everyone has pitched in to help us pull this off. But, more importantly, all of them and so many more have made Tiffany feel so much apart of the family that she is now convinced they like her more than me. Wait, that is probably true.

As I look through the crowd that day I am sure I will see so many of you who read this very blog in attendance. My 4 oldest and truest friends, Ralph, Bobbi, Bethany, and Brad have all committed to being there. My Grandpa Hodge and Grandma Slusher are making the drive from Cincinnati, as well as many other family members from out of town. And my work family is planning on attending in force as well. But one face will be missing from the group. And as much as I wish my Mother were here to see this day, to see me come full circle and find the happiness she always wished for me, I know she will be there. I feel her all around me everyday.

June 7, 1986 was the day my mom found her happiness and married the person she was supposed to walk the path with. And as I look to March 2, 2013, I see the parallels and wonder if me finding my little red sweetheart the same way she found my Dad was truly an accident or grand design?

She would have been 59 years old today, February 22. It still is very difficult to believe she is gone, or that she has been for over 4 years. Not a day goes by that I don't wish I could talk to her, though thanks to my Dad I can pick u the phone and hear her voice anytime.

If you are coming to the wedding, look around. There will be little things here and there that, if you knew her, will remind you of her. It's not an accident. It was by our design. We wanted to honor her as we celebrate the beginning of our life together.

Happy Birthday Mom. I love and miss you always.

Day # 691, 8 days to go. It is amazingly good to be me...........

Have a great day everyone...............


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