And they are off to Cape Cod

It has been a very busy week. For the second weekend in a row, I had the boys with me as their mother had plans and asked me to take an extra weekend. Of course it was my pleasure, as having the guys with me is the greatest joy in my life. We went thrifting yet again, garnering more cool things for them and for the house. An antique wooden sign that says "SALOON" and is battered with BB gun hits was the highlight of our haul, with each of my sons bringing in a treasure or two themselves. Taking them home on Sunday was hard as it always is, but I knew the week I had ahead of me held some great things, so it was just a little easier this time.

On Tuesday Tanner performed in his first ever musical. A collaboration of the first and second graders at his school, he was excited for us to see "Go Fish". Dawning fish heads made of construction material, the group sang songs and danced and put on quite a show. It took me back to my own grade school play at Lynchburg-Clay Elementary, where I was Father Time and had messed up the seasons when trying to get ahold of Santa. Great memories were made then, and I am sure Tanner will remember his first play for many years to come.

Last evening, I had the privilege of having my father sit at my dinner table for the first time since we moved into the condo. This place where Tiffany and I live is more home to me than any place I have ever been in my adult life. Sure I had a house after the divorce. But it was nothing more than a place to hide as I struggled with the upheaval in my life. No pictures on the wall or antique furniture in the dining room, it was merely a place I would wind up going to at the end of my day. But this place, that she and I have put together and decorated as a team, each piece being a reflection of who we are, is somewhere that I look forward to being when I am out in the field. There is no place I would rather spend my time than here, with her. So to have my Dad here and for him to experience what we have put together meant the world to me. We sat and talked over dinner, discussing many different topics from family to baseball. Tiffany made just the right dinner for him, as his diabetic diet restricts what he can have. We had a wonderful time and I was sorry to see him go, But I knew he had an early day today.

I went to meet him this morning. See, he was in town to pick up my boys. When my Mother was alive, they would take my sons to Cape Cod every year for Thanksgiving. It is a tradition that started when my siblings and I were kids, and my parents wanted my children to be involved with it as well. However, since my mother passed, my Dad had not been back, So this year, when he asked if he could take the boys there, my ex wife and I both agreed. The boys are excited as they miss going there, and are looking forward to seeing my sister and her family as they share this Thanksgiving Holiday with them. As I saw them off this morning, I was happy for them that they get this time with my Dad, but a little sad I cannot join them. I will miss them for the next 11 days, but I know they will have the time of their lives.

Been up since before 4. Had to chase a couple of fires this morning before meeting my Dad. Time to get to work, lots to day today.

Have a great day everyone...............


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