Better than best case

Last Wednesday I woke up very nervous. As I have mentioned before, I don't like to go to the doctor's. They like to keep me and cut me open, so I avoid all of that as much as I can. But as you are all well aware, after the car accident I had to get this thing figured out. And the culmination of that was Wednesday.

I got to the hospital on time. Purple was waiting on top of the Safe Auto Garage for me, and we spent just a couple minutes relaxing before we headed in to the hospital to report to pre-op. I was sure it was going to be the last time I would be outdoors for awhile, and was disappointed that it was raining. Not that I should expect any less here in Columbus Ohio, but grey skies don't exactly brighten your day when you are already a nervous wreck.

When we were settled in a room, we sat and talked and joked like we always do. She is a great friend and really brought a lot of comfort to me as I anxiously awaited them to take me in. The 1:15 start time was pushed til 2:15, then later and later. I was lying on the operating room table just before five, and was ready to have this thing over with. I was thinking about what I would look like when I came out, as last time I was compared to a white George Foreman and I knew the swelling was going to be something that would keep me on my rear for a few days if not longer. Add that to the thoughts of a new incision and scar around my eye and I was ready to panic when I heard someone say "Ok we are gonna start the anesthes......."

The next thing I remember is Purple telling me that the surgery was better than best case. No incision. no swelling, and I was going home the next day. Literally it felt like five seconds had passed, and that moment is a fleeting memory in and of itself that I didn't recall until Friday. In reality I slept through til Thursday morning, even though the surgery itself lasted less than 3 hours.

By Thursday evening I was home, still very tired. I slept a lot of the evening away and most of Friday too, getting up every few hours to take care of some post op instructions. And Miss B came by Thursday night with a pizza and some twinkies to make my life better and make sure I wasn't alone. The weekend came and I had more visitors, which made me feel great. Especially when my Grandfather and Uncle made the trek from Cincinnati to stop by for a few minutes.

Now here I am on Monday, already stir crazy and ready to get back to life. I have big projects on the horizon at work, road trips planned to Pittsburgh and Nashville, and even a move to Buckeye Lake. Not bad for a guy who expected to be in a hospital bed for 3-5 weeks.

Gotta take a minute and say a few words of appreciation. First, to Purple, AKA Abbi for those who were getting their updates from her. Really glad she was there with me, not just because she is a nurse and knew ALL the people involved in my surgery, but because she also stayed until I was awake and alert. She was my rock leading up to the surgery, and helped keep my head together when I started to panic. Then there is Miss B, who was busy making calls for me and entertaining everyone at the hospital while they waited. She made sure I made it home from the hospital and has checked on me just about every hour since. She is my bffl and was ready to take care of me after surgery had I needed it. It meant the world to me when she showed up Thursday night to make sure I was ok. My Dad, brother Josh, and Brad, who sat through the 15 hour surgery 21 years ago, sat through this one as well. thanks for being there. And the calls, texts, messages from everyone else who said they were praying for me and thinking of me were so appreciated. I am a believer in the power of prayer. No incision, no cancer, better than best case - how could I not be? But my greatest appreciation is to Drs.Otto and Prevedello (the ENT and Neurosurgeon respectively) and the entire surgical team who were working at The Ohio State University Medical Center in OR 18 Wednesday evening - Thank you. You may never see this blog, but the way you took care of me from start to finish will never ever be forgotten.

Follow up tomorrow, then back to work next week. Osama Bin Laden is dead, God Bless America.

Good Night All...........................


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